Thursday, December 29, 2011


2 days after the tragedy and havoc caused by Sendong, I diverted the funds I have raised to giving food, toys and relief goods to the victims. But for Urle, she had to continue with her pledge in Zone 9 Cugman, because as early as the first week of December the kids were already informed of the "party" and were all looking forward to the activity. 

I could not say no to this project, because after all, giving a Christmas party to the kids in our neighborhood is actually the very purpose of our Christmas Family Affair. And so, on December 18, me and the family, along with Urle's employees gave toys and laughter to the kids.

Urle and her most favorite part, gift wrapping

Vincent (my 5 year old son) did his part, by performing his magic tricks during the program
one of my wacky moments while hosting the show
kuya DJ :)
Christmas is all about toys for the children
just enjoying the food :)

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  1. this is nice charity you guy's are doing there i hope we can be there next year to help out.
    keep up the good work