Monday, December 26, 2011

Typhoon Sendong

The family was getting ready for the affair, then tragedy struck. Typhoon Sendong hit Cagayan de Oro on December 16 and claimed thousands of lives and millions worth of properties. Excessive rain caused severe flooding all over the city, that left thousands homeless and scores dead. The tragedy really hit us so bad, we could not really celebrate Christmas as it is.

just a few of the many heart-wrenching photos that captured the tragedy

With this incident, I have to divert the funds intended for the Christmas Family Affair to giving relief goods to the victims of the flood. The toys were already prepared for our recipients for the year, but with the catastrophe, I just had to give these toys to kids who were living in evacuation centers. The first area/recipient are families living in Xavier Heights evac center which we visited with staff of Home Radio on December 20, 2011. Donations from friends, Shelley (classmate in high school) and Urle were such a big help.

a naked boy, happy to receive the small token we gave
Next day and stop, giving away water in Pagatpat, December 21, 2011. The money we have saved up intended for our Christmas Family Affair is used to buy bottled water for victims in two areas in Barangay Pagatpat.

Kuya DJ helped in distributing the water.
Families whose houses were flooded had to stay in line to wait for the water we gave away

After these two sets of outreach activities, I could not help but still feel the need to help out. And so, on the very day of Christmas ( December 25)with a few resources left and with donation from Steve Graeve and urle, Alma (classmate in high school), the Chinese Community, Ritegen Pharma and some volunteers, we head out again to Sili-Sili, Pagatpat and Baikingon this time bringing with us foods, grocery items,sleeping mats and of course, toys for the kids.

Residents in Pagatpat were so thankful for all the gifts we gave to them
Smiles from children made it all worthwhile
volunteers with their sincere smiles

all the way to Baikingon, relief goods were also distributed


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